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Business philosophy

Business philosophy

First, each step of the way, the first thought is the customer. In the enterprise transformed from seller market to buyer market, produce changes in consumer consumption concept. Quality not only refers to the inherent quality of the products, but also include a series of factors of product packaging quality and service quality etc.. Therefore we must comprehensively, the maximum to meet the needs of our customers.

◇After the perfect service system, strengthen pre-sale, sale, after sale service, to customer problems appear in the use of products in a timely help to solve, make customers feel convenient.

◇It attaches great importance to the views of customers, allow customers to participate in decision making, the handling of customer comments as customer satisfaction is important one annulus.

◇After the establishment of all customer centered mechanism. The establishment, organization of service process changes and so on, should take the customer demand as the center, the establishment of customer opinion the rapid reaction mechanism.

Two, customer satisfaction with the three elements:

Products: refers to the satisfaction of customers on product quality satisfaction.

Customer service satisfaction: refers to the purchase of the product pre-sale, a positive attitude in sale and after sale service. No matter how to improve products, reasonable price and how, when it appeared in the city field, it must depend on the service. "After sale service making permanent customers".

Corporate image satisfaction: refers to the social public to the enterprise comprehensive strength and the overall impression of the positive evaluation.

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